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A short description of our game.

Becoming Vincent is a consultancy project that was commissioned to NHTV by VisitBrabant and the Brabant Province. In Becoming Vincent, a team of experts from NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda was asked to develop a narrative concept and matching storylines that would link and upgrade the various Vincent Van Gogh heritage sites in Brabant, the Netherlands, in order to eventually attract more international tourists to this province. These sites include museums, information centers and locations where Van Gogh was born and originally lived for the longest part of his life. They are characterized by their intrinsic diversity and yet genuine authenticity, what makes them unique in the relatively scattered landscape of Van Gogh’s heritage in the Netherlands.

The narrative concept that resulted from this project is based on a storytelling model. This model was used to develop a creative VR game around one of the heritage sites related to Vincent Van Gogh.

The game portrays the life changing events that took place in Van Gogh’s life at the time he was living in Etten-Leur. Users can live the dramatic moment when Vincent confronts his father with his own choice and with the fight that is caused by it. Vincent’s choice is to commit himself to painting, thus going against his father’s will who wanted him to become a vicar like himself. This leads to a break with his family, in particular with his father that forces Vincent to leave the family house in Etten-Leur.

The game requires the use of the Oculus Rift.


Here you will find screenshots and video of the game.


The Game


The Game

Meet our Team

Students and Graduates from the NHTV

Fernando Cabello Domingo

Excecutive Producer

Licia Calvi


Moniek Hover


Margit Meesters


Chico Spans

Environment Artist

Daniel Stok

Environment Artist

Ronja Jansen


Jordy Boot


Daniel Gutierrez Anaya

Character Art

Alexander van Buggenum

Character Art

Jimmy Koene

Gameplay Programmer

Oliver Engels

Shader Programmer

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